Welcome to my website.

You probably came here after after receiving my business card or through word of mouth.

In any case, you are wondering, how the heck will this guy ‘Grow My Business?’

Its not just a motto but what I have been doing for the past 6 years.

I have helped several companies, small and large (especially e-commerce and companies run by families or a single person) in increasing their sales.

So, how do I do that?

How I Will Grow Your Business?

Let me ask you a question?

When you are in dire need of a service, what will you do?

Obviously you will do a search on Google!

Let’s say your Air Conditioner isn’t working and you need a professional’s help.

You will fire up Google and type in ‘best AC mechanic near me’ or some variation of that sort.

In a second, Google will spit up thousands of results.

You will peruse the top 3 or top 10.

And its a known fact that the number one result will fetch more sales or leads.

Change your shoes from ‘an individual who needs an AC mechanic’ to ‘AC repairing service’.

If I could bring your website (I will if you don’t have one) to the first position of Google.

Therefore, when someone searches for ‘best AC technician’ your website will be #1.

Imagine amount of leads you will receive which in turn will increase your sales.

Now, this ranking can be done for your locality, district, state or even country.

However, the competition will increase as you move up from your local locality to being the best in country.

It isn’t easy but it can done!

This Is Where I Come In!

With my expertise I could bring thousands of queries and leads per month.

Note that this isn’t an easy task.

There are many people who promise rankings. But the question is will they stick.

Let’s suppose you spent 40k to get your business on top for some queries. You start getting leads and you are doing a great job in converting them to sales.

However, after three months, your website is no longer in the top #1. Heck, it’s not even visible in Google.

All of a sudden you receive a warning email from Google stating that you have used black hat methods (illegal/ misleading ways to rank your website). Therefore, Google has removed your website from their index (this means your website won’t be found on Google no matter how hard you search).

You have not only blown away your 40k but have lost your online business. And if your business was entirely depended from online leads you are literally doomed.

I don’t like blowing my own trumpet but I know the ins and outs.

My experience has taught me how to stay away from Google’s wrath. If you are in this business, you will understand how vital it is.

Once, I take charge of your website, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

I use only white hat (suggested and approved by Google) to increase your site’s ranking. This ensures that your rankings will stick once they reach top #1 position.

That’s All Right Richie. But Do You Have Any Proof ?

Yes, I do have proofs of previous clients.

I believe in transparency and that is why I have this page Proofs of Rankings!

I have listed some of my best works with images attached. I couldn’t reveal my clients coz they are in a competitive field and wouldn’t like to disclose their privacy.

I believe you too wold like your privacy while working with me.

Click Here to see some of past works.