About Me

My name is Richie Richardson and I was born in Mumbai.

When I was 11 I shifted to Tamil Nadu, Salem as it is the birthplace of my Dad.

I completed my higher secondary education from St. John’s. For College I chose SAMS in Chennai.

I had enrolled in B.E. Marine Engineering and completed it with in 2011.

In my final years, I had ample time so dabbled in freelance writing.

I wrote for various SEO consultants.

Once, it got me thinking what these people were doing with my written work. I found out that they built websites, placed ads on them and made money.

It got intrigued.

I built my first website. However, instead of selling ads I sold my service as a writer.

I received an offer instantly and was paid 2000 INR for 500 words. At that time an average writer was paid 350 INR for 500 words.

It was a sweet and nice income.

It was in 2011 and 2012.

In 2012 my Dad fell sick and succumbed to Cancer.

My dreams of sailing as a Marine Engineer was shattered. I had no idea of sailing. Therefore, I stick with writing.

Then instead of writing for others I started creating my own sites and ranking them for competitive keywords.

My very first site used to make me $1000 per month.

Then I shared my knowledge at a SEO forum. Several people contacted me to do SEO for their websites.

This is when I took a step further.

I started charging people to help rank their websites.

It was simply great and I have never looked back from it.

Although I am currently helping my clients, I still run a couple of my own sites which is my second stream of money.

To know my past work and performance you check this page out.