So you are looking for someone who will increase leads, sales and grow your business.

But, you don’t want to invest your hard earned money with someone who has no past experience.

That’s fair enough.

I have listed some of my client’s success stories with proof after they hired me!

Bow Leg Correction Clinic Gets 10 leads per Day!

The below chart is of a Bow leg correction clinic situated in the US. Notice the US flag left to the keywords. They denote the country in which they are ranking.

When the clinic representatives contacted me they had just opened their clinic. They were only looking for clients from their county (It is like a district in the US).

However, I helped them rank in the entire US for the above keywords.

They were getting leads from all over the nation. Local leads visited their clinic in person and opted for surgery to correct their bow leg.

But those who cannot visit their clinic were either redirected to other clinic within their respective county (the referred clinic pays them a commission per client basis) or were sold a manual on how to overcome bow leg.

I am still working with them. And as you can see from the chart there are still some room for improvements.

HCG Weight Loss Supplement

I have been working with this client for the past 5 years.

In the below screenshot you can see several keywords repeated. Some of them are repeated coz they are being tracked on mobile as well as on desktop.

While some are repeated as the client has the same business but under different brand name.

His sales have increased drastically and he has happily paid me some bonuses too for my exceptional work.

Again this rankings are for United States (in the entire nation)

I believe these are sufficient to prove my expertise.

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